Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

ugly crying

It’s that time in any projects timeline where everything goes hella wrong.

There was an attempt.

Let’s rewind a bit. So my latest post was suppose to be a in-depth piece about all the fabric I got. But as has been the usual with this project, I’m late. So you’ll all have to make due with this lovely image:


Yeah, continuing on. I’ve been really busy lately (Who hasn’t? Oh these final weeks cryy) and wanted to get some real progress going on my project. Yesterday, I gathered the supplies needed to set up the cool neon chip/color change remote with the lights.

Mimi, wait

Yes friends, I decided that a random wednesday afternoon was the perfect day to attempt soldering (something I’ve never done before) by myself.

Things started off simple enough…

Wires cut

Strip ready













Then came the first soldering steps….



Still not too bad

I tested the light strip..

Oooh, still work.

But when I went to connect everything, stuff just got messy.

Messy like this

And the lights started acting up.

Why are only half lighting up cryyy

After I destroyed the connections and such, the lights returned to normal. And I proceeded to attempt to solder three more times.

All results were like the first. Sigh. I’m now at a crossroad. I can try again. Or I can continue on with my project. If I don’t get this working, I can still have a color-changing light up dress. I just wont have the luxury of a remote to change the colors.

And part of me feels like not getting it to work would be a copout. I’m really stubborn like that.

BUT at the same time I realize I don’t have much time left. I really need to finish the piece in general. And if I end up screwing up the lights completely I don’t have time or money for new supplies.

I must make a choice.

Decisions, Decisions.


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