World’s Best Drummer

It’s Animal from the muppets. He’s the very best. I mean look at him.


That’s hella hardcore, you have to admit it. Full video can be found here

I made this for the Muppet GIFs assignment (3 and a half stars). There was no way I couldn’t do this one. I love the muppets and I have for years. My favorite is Kermit, there’s something about his attitude and outlook on life that really speaks to me.

But for this GIF, I did not use my favorite as subject matter. I chose Animal. Why? Because he’s the world’s best drummer. And I have drumming on my mind right now. I recently started learning to play the drums (Beginning of April) and I haven’t had much time lately to practice. It’s got me feeling sort of down. I feel so at peace playing the drums. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with repeatedly hitting something?

I created this using photoshop. First I downloaded the video of Animal, then I picked a section to import into ps as layers. I made all the layers into frames. Then I took those frames and duplicated them. The duplicated frames I then went in and reversed. So the whole GIF goes through and then reverses. I did this because at the end he kind of bounces up and I thought it would be cool to see him go back down. So the whole gif is kind of up down up down.

One thing that bothers me is the overall quality. The video wasn’t like the best, so the GIF is a bit grainy. Other than that I’m pretty cool with it.

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  1. Sean says:

    Great choice, I love the Muppet’s! I like what you did, these GIF were very hard for me to figure out. Animal looks great drumming and bouncing around. It really makes him look like he’s rocking out!

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