What all do you carry in there?!

Inspired by Kate’s blog post of this Assignment (3 stars), I decided to do it myself!

What it basically called for was showing the contents of my bag. I carry my bag everywhere with me. It’s really a sort of life line for me. I don’t think I could function with out it.

To do this assignment, I first took a picture of my purse. Then I took a picture of all the contents together. And finally one of each item individually. Below are the pictures and brief explanation behind each item.


The bag itself!

The contents!


The contents of my bag include:

  • Keys Basic item. On my key ring I have my library card and house keys. The key strap has sloths all over it. Simply because I love sloths.
  • Notebook – Very important! I carry it around in case of ideas. A story can spring up anywhere.
  • Pack of tissues – I’m cursed with really bad allergies. I need to be prepared for runny noses at all times.
  • Umbrella – This is a new addition to my purse. After being caught in the rain multiple times, I finally learned to carry it around with me.
  • Wallet – It’s got all my important items. Cards. Couple of dollars. Random receipts I need to get rid of.
  • DS – I’m sort of obsessed with the thing. I play a few games that update daily (namely Animal Crossing and Tomodachi life), so I like to have my DS with me so I can check them in my spare time
  • Water bottle – I feel like I don’t drink enough water. So a few weeks ago I started carrying bottles in my bag so I can drink on the go.
  • Pencil bag – This holds all my pencils and pens. For writing and doodling. Also for loaning out.

Hope you enjoyed that little peak into my life!

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