What about that final project?

Final Project? What final project?

come find out : D

So I’m incredibly late with this blog post.

So what is my final project?



Specifically the dress Tsukimi made in Princess Jellyfish.


I’ve been in love with the dress since I saw it. The silhouette is suppose to be much like a Jellyfish, as the main character’s favorite animals are Jellyfish.

my spirit animal

Buuuut for this project I wont just be copying the design straight up. I’ll be adding my own sort of spin on it. You know how jellyfish appear transparent?

just say yes

I’ll be playing more with the transparent idea in my design. Basically, I plan to have my dress include a thinner  sheer top layer  for the skirt and under it I’ll include lights. My dress will light up. To accomplish this I’m planning on using this tutorial

TBH, I’ve never attempted something like this. I mean I made the Sailor Moon Brooch which included both sewing and circuits, but i’ve never done anything at this scale. I’m a little nervous, but I’m confident in my abilities to use adapt and learn.

A list of needed materials and a schedule have been  both been drafted. I’m slowly gathering the necessary pieces for the lights but I really need to get on purchasing fabric and such. Especially since I plan for this weekend to be dedicated to starting the top part/bodice of the dress.

Keep an eye out for updates on that.

Untill next time

♥  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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