Tutorial: Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF

I really like rock music. I also really like GIFs So this assignment was a winner in my books.

Pretty cool right?

It really wasn’t that difficult at all and I’m going to explain how I did it below.

**PLEASE NOTE: This tutorial was done using a mac and Photoshop CS6. Windows or any other version of Photoshop will probably be a bit different.

1. To begin, You’re going to want to figure out your rock music performer. I chose Mike Fuentes of Pierce The Veil. (I mean just look at that drumming!) When you have someone in mind head over to youtube and find a video. This is mine.

2. After you have your video chosen, you’re going to need to download it to your computer. I used this site. You simply insert the youtube video URL and hit the blue button to the right. After it loads, you hit Download.

3. This is where the gif making really gets started. So first, Open up Photoshop.

4. Once Photoshop opens you want to go up to Window. On the drop down menu check Timeline.


5. Now the timeline window should be visible.


6. Now go up to File and down to Import on the drop down menu. Then select Video Frames to layers.


You should get this pop up. It takes a minute to load.


When things are finally done fully loading, you should get a window like this:


This shows the video in full and what range you’d like to import. You don’t want to import the whole video. That’ll probably crash your computer. Instead pick a small section.



Like So.



Also make sure you have “Selected Range Only” Checked in the Range to import Box. Make sure “Make Frame Animation” is checked as well. Then hit OK.

7. Your Photoshop screen should now look something like this:


At the bottom in the timeline window you can see all the frames. There’s also a menu bar beneath the frames.



Closer look

Here you can click the down arrow by forever and choose if you want your gif to cycle through once, forever, 3 times or custom.
I usually just keep my gifs on forever.

Hit Play to see how the gif looks. If satisfied follow on to step 8. If not play around a bit with the settings until you like what you have.

8. Now that we have a gif we like, it’s time to export it. Go back up to file and select “save for web” from the drop down menu

This screen should pop up.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 6.57.32 PM


Before you do anything make sure GIF is selected over on the second choice on the right side. As for the rest of the settings, mine usually go as follows:

gifsettingsAlso might be a good idea to change the size. You can do this at the bottom right hand corner.


There’s another chance to change the cycling/looping here too!


Once you’re done here Click Save, name your file and you’re finished! (/^▽^)/

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