Today in four year old fashions…


I felt like the paparazzi snapping this picture of my unsuspecting niece. Minding her own business in her chair, not a care in the world. Anyway, for this assignment (3 stars) I decided to zero in on her shirt. It’s this weird pinkish-purple with cheetah print. It always surprises me how out there kid’s clothing can be. This is tame compared to some of the stuff she owns. So many colors and patterns that clash. I don’t think its necessarily a bad thing. Just something I’ve come to notice. Perhaps it’s to encourage creativity in kids or something.

As for how I went about making this, everything was done in photoshop. First I loaded the image into photoshop. Then I took the quick selection tool and made a selection of my niece’s shirt. I made a copy of the selection and pasted it to its own layer. After that I went up to Images-> Adjustments -> Black & White. Black and white layer popped up and I placed it over the initial picture’s layer. Then I took the layer with the color copy of my niece’s shirt and placed it above the black and white layer.

There’s many other ways out there to accomplish the same thing though, don’t feel this is the only way!

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