Super Late Update!

Or “Adventures in Sewing Part 1”


First, It’s important I mention the events that occur in this blog post took place about a week ago. I’m late. Blogging has been slipping my mind. Forgive me.

Excuses, Excuses (´_`)

Hahaha sooo, continuing right along..

Not sure if I mentioned it before or not, but I am not friends with the Sewing Machine. It’s loud and frightening.
But around Tuesday of last week I decided it was time I faced off against my foe. Time is running out. Projects need to be worked on.

And so out came the dreaded Sewing Machine.

After a good hour or so, I finally got it up and running. I’m not going to lie, it took a few tries to figure out how to properly thread the machine.

Now what?

Well I searched the house and found some scrap fabric lying around (It was scrap, I swear! I asked!), cut it up and tried sewing two pieces back together. The machine was a lot less frightening than I initially believed it to be.

In fact the whole sewing process went smooth and the resulting piece came out nice.

Such a beautiful seam.

After that initial sewing machine practice I was hyped and ready to go on to something bigger and better. So I hopped on youtube and pulled up the video tutorial I planned on using for the top part of the dress.

There was enough left over fabric and I was feeling pretty sure of myself so I decide to give it a shot. I followed the instructions closely. I started by measuring, drawing, and cutting out the first piece:




Then came more measuring and cutting. By the end of this part I had three separate pieces.



After pinning the pieces together, I hopped back on the sewing machine and went to work.

Simply gorgeous 

And about an hour later, this is what I had ->

A+ photography skills

Not exactly beautiful, I know. Sloppy seams and hems, black thread, and the top still has pins.

BUT as far as tests go I think this came out pretty decent. At least for my first real attempt with a sewing machine. I learned a lot from the experience. Specifically these gems:

  • Make sure to add allowances when measuring/cutting.
  • Get a better pair of scissors
  • You only need so many pins
  • Remember the pins when you start sewing
  • Remember. The. Pins.

I shall take these lessons into the final battle with me. (✿ ♥‿♥)

PS. keep an eye out this week for my next blog post showing off the fabric I bought over the weekend! : D

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