Summary: Week Two

Week two is officially over.

Oh my god, things got down to the wire. I was a little scared I wasn’t going to finish everything this week. But I did it! You can check out my work below:

[Regular Blog Posts]

[Daily Create Posts]

[Design Assignments Posts]

  • Animated Comic Book Covers [4 Stars] —> Click Here
  • One Story/Four Icons [2 and a half Stars] —> Click Here
  • The Assignment is Suspect! [3 Stars] —> Click Here
  • Wait, Where’d that guy come from? [3 Stars] —> Click Here
  • Animated Movie Poster [ 4 and a half Stars] —> Click Here
  • [Total Stars – 16 and a half]

[GIF Assignments Posts]

  • Muppet GIFs [3 and a half Stars] —> Click Here
  • I’ll Love You Forever [2 Stars] —> Click Here
  • [Total Stars – 5 and a half]

Final Thoughts

That was a lot of work. But like I’m not complaining. I made some really good pieces this week. The prompts pushed me out of my comfort zone and the lessons in design I learned were extremely valuable.

The Design blitz might be the most productive thing I did this week. It gave me the chance to really see the lessons/concepts I learned from the reading applied in real life settings.

I feel like I leveled up my GIF/animating work this week too. Tried some new techniques and produced some interesting pieces.

I’m not sure exactly how I’m doing with writing up assignments. I really worry I’m not getting the whole “story behind the story.” I’m a pretty straight forward person. When I explain something I usually just explain the basics. Short and sweet. I really need to practice more on giving the reader more of an insight on my thoughts and inspirations. In some of my post this week, I feel I might have been on the right track. One example being my work for The Assignment is Suspect! I’m proud of my board and I think I gave a pretty good story/explanation behind it.

Last week I said my scheduling was off but I’m pretty sure it was way more off this week. I want to blame it on being sick, but excuses are just excuses. Need to REALLY develop a better schedule for next week.

Also, I need to bump up my twitter use and commenting of my classmates work. I managed to publish a few things to twitter. Next week I’m going to try for all my post. And at least two comments a day on some of my fellow classmate’s blogs.

Anyway, that’s it for this week! On to Week 3! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

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