Summary: Week Three

Week Three. Terminated.

Sounds like we made it.

Get it? Like the song Looks Like We Made It but I substituted Sound because this is the audio unit. : D

Ahahaha ha ha. Anyway here’s my work for the week:

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[Daily Create Posts]

[Audio Assignments Posts]

  • Play DJ & Make a Song [2 Stars] —> Click Here
  • Solo Vocal Trio [3 Stars] —> Click Here
  • [Total Stars – 5]

Summary of Comment Feedback

To be completely honest, I didn’t get around to really leaving any comments anywhere this week. As for comments on my blog, late last week I received several comments. I appreciate every comment I get, but the ones that really stood out to me were one from Sean and  one  from Professor Polack.

Sean’s comment was in response to my Design Blitz post. He detailed what it was he liked about the post and gave a personal opinion/input. I felt it was a really good comment.

Professor Polack’s comment was in response to my animated book cover post. Her’s was extremely informative. I’ve been having problems regarding getting the full story behind my assignments. She took the time to detail it out and explain what it was she was looking for, and how I could achieve it.

So Thanks you guys!


What Did I learn this week? Questions/Complaints?

This week’s unit was Audio Storytelling. I was introduced to the many techniques and processes that go into making a decent audio production. I learned about how your story needs structure and a point behind it from Ira Glass and I learned about what exactly makes audio storytelling such a powerful genre from Jad Abumrad. I also gained some confidence in my voice, both written and out loud.

In regards to life, I learned to back up all my stuff. My computer died Friday (scaring the crap out of me). It turned out the wire connecting the hard drive had fried and all my stuff was still there after they fixed it, but still. It could have been worse and I should have been prepared.

For this week, I don’t really have any questions or complaints.


Final Thoughts 

Radio Lab is a really good radio show. I need to listen to it more. I’m really glad I was introduced to them this week. (I also want to point out Jad and me share a birthday!)

My favorite assignment I did this week would probably be both of them. I had a lot of fun and I kind of wish I had time to do more. I’m really going to have to play around in audio some more in my free time this summer.

I think I managed to make some improvement in my quest for better assignment write ups. Check my assignments and tell me what you think. Am I getting there?

Week 4. Bring it. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

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