Summary: Week Four

Week Four. Done and Done.

I have no jokes this week. I know you’re all disappointed. There, There. ; n ;

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Summary of Comment Feedback

I actually got zero comments this week. Which is most likely because I didn’t start posting things till late in the week. Also if people are taking multiple summer classes, I assume they’re falling into that final rush mode. I know I am. I didn’t manage to comment on anyone’s blogs myself. These five weeks flew by. I swear it always seems like you have more time than you actually do. It really waits for no one.

What Did I learn this week? Questions/Complaints?

This week we focused on Video. Which wasn’t a new subject for me. Last semester I took a video art class at UMW. It was based on remixing more than actual editing though. We learned a good deal about Final Cut Pro but the basis of the class was learning to remix media. If you wanna see some of my stuff check out my Vimeo here.

What I learned this week was a great add on to my foundation. Prior to this weeks videos and reading, I hadn’t really thought much about the visual techniques that were being used in movies/videos. It was cool to see how they worked. This week’s greatest new concept was probably Roger Ebert’s idea of taking apart the movie and analyze it shot by shot. Everything adds up to something way bigger than the film seems to be upon first glance. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch a movie the same.

And for a little off topic life lesson for this week, my 11 year old niece graduated from Elementary School this week. During the graduation they played this slide show with all these pictures of the kids and several different songs. At one point during the slide show I found myself crying. It was something about the photos plus the music that just sent me over the edge. In my opinion, it was a pretty good example of what emotions the right scene and right audio can bring out in a person.

I'm So Proud!

I’m So Proud!

This week I do have a few questions. But they’re more in regards to our final project for next week.

1. Do we need to do separate blog post/writes ups and tag all the assignments we do in our story blog post?

2. Do we need to do a weekly summary?

Final Thoughts 

I really want to continue on with Video. I had been thinking on it, but this week really inspired me. I’m totally going to devote a good chunk of this summer to exploring more techniques and styles.

My favorite assignment for this week was definitely my censor video. I laughed so much making/watching it. I also learned the most with it. I’m not sure when I’ll need to censor out some ones face for a video, but at least I have that skill now. Same with bleeping out words.

Creating my own assignment was pretty fun. I had actually been dreading it but after I got the idea and tried it out I was kind of proud of myself. And it was hella cool to see it up in the assignment bank after I submit.

I feel like this week I really got into the groove of things. It’s like I’ve found my voice. My storytelling style. I’ve already started working on my final story project and I’m super excited about it. Hoping it lives up to my hype about it.


Week 5. Lets Go. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

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