Shake things up


Shake things up? Cause it looks like things are shaking? get it? ahahahaha

This is my completed submission for this assignment ( 4 stars)
To start this assignment I made a list of all the comics I’ve been reading lately. Then I eventually narrowed it down to my current favorite, Gotham Academy.

Gotham Academy is basically about this Academy. In Gotham. Has something to do with Batman? Basically I’m just a sucker for magic teenage boarding school type stories. Plus the characters are awesome and incredibly diverse. Perfect combination.

Above we have Olive, Maps and Kyle pictured. On some shaky ground. I chose this cover because the idea for the gif/animation came to me as soon as I saw it. The motion in the image is already beautiful illustrated, I simply intensified it.

But…the actual action of intensifying the image and making the gif/animation was much more difficult than I thought it was going to be.
As usual, I started in photoshop. After loading up the image, I duplicated it. I then took the quick selection tool and selected the characters and the rock/ground they were standing on.

This is where my main issues were had. My selection skills were off tonight or something. I had to use the add and subtract selection tools to clean things up. A very back and forth, tedious process.

But eventually, I got things the way I wanted them. After everything was all selected I copy and pasted it to its own layer.

So then I had three layers all together. Two with the covers and one with the characters. I applied a filter to the layer with the characters to blur it, then arranged it on top of the second cover layer. When I was satisfied with how it looked, I merged the character layer to the second cover layer. This left me with two layers. One with blur and One without.

I put the two together and created an animation. Then went in and adjusted the frame time.

And finally saved and exported as a gif  (✿´‿`)

5 responses to “Shake things up”

  1. Jennifer Polack says:

    This is a great job. The image is absolutely fantastic. Can you make up a story to go with it!

  2. Victoria says:

    This is really cool! After looking at it for a while, it kind of hurt my eyes haha.

  3. Jennifer Polack says:

    Sorry I did not see your follow up comment.

    When I mean story I mean What is its context? What is the story it tells? What does it mean to you? to society? to other media? Why did you even make it?Think of this part as the part of a DVD that includes the extras- behind the scenes, out takes, director’s commentary.

    You did some of it. Of course since I am writing this as I grade it I am not taking points off. You did say why you choose it, “Basically I’m just a sucker for magic teenage boarding school type stories. Plus the characters are awesome and incredibly diverse. ” Maybe if you gave me what would happen if both were together.

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