Photo Safari: Reflection

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I’m happy with my chosen place for the safari. My backyard was probably the best choice for me. There really is a lot of stuff back there. Part of me wishes I had chosen to do the safari today instead of yesterday. We emptied the rock pond this morning and discovered it was full of weird things.

The actual photography was a bit difficult to be honest. I mean the safari was a fun idea but the time limit really threw me off. I’m not really good under time constraints. I found myself getting into a sort of frenzy at first. My brain wanted to do everything in order. Go straight down the list and check each one off.

Of course that didn’t work. I’m glad I discovered the issue with my plan earlier on (around five minutes) and switched up my methods. Instead I began looking for things in the list that popped out. I had already ran around the yard during my initial safari plan, so I had an idea of what was out there. Things went a lot smoother this way!

Of all my pictures, I think my favorite and most effective was motion:



I got a really nice shot of the air condition fan blade moving. I actually took several shots. I figure I can make a gif or something? This probably would have worked for futuristic too. It sort of looks like something from the future right? A little bit? Maybe?

As for other favorites, I also like the more natural shots. Like they’re not perfect composition wise, but the colors are really bright. It was a really nice day yesterday. I’ll have to go out there again sometime and shoot more pictures.

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