Photo Reflection ???

Soooo, I’m not exactly new to photography. I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I really got into it during high school and I got my first cellphone with a decent camera. Following that I was always snapping pictures. Mainly of friends, family and pets. I was basically documenting my life. I wanted to capture these people I loved in their most happy moments.

Tbh most of those photos were terrible in a technical sense, but I did manage to catch some smiles and laughs. 

Now fast forward to college art courses. I was taught about the camera, the composition of photos and how lighting effects this all. My technical skill level rose a good deal. And that was good and all, but I became way to focused on all of that. I fell into that “Im only doing this for a grade” trap. Like they still had meaning, but just something basic. Simply pretty and themed. 

Fast forward again, I pass the classes. But I stay in that “I’m only doing this for a grade” trap. Not necessarily from professors, but from anyone who sees my photos. 

Prior to today I never really put much thought into what my pictures had become. Everything was happening at a subconscious level. I lost that personal element in my photos. Being able to capture the story behind it. 

I feel like now that I know what the issue is, I can work on correcting it. It’s sort of like I’m going into photography again as a total beginner. 

It’s not a bad thing though, It’s more of a fresh start with open eyes? 

or open shutters : D

like a camera shutter? get it? ahahahaha 

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