No Hipsters?


My attempt at this (3 stars).I’m going to be completely honest here, my reasoning behind the content in this gif was strictly humor based. I found the poster funny. Makes me want to draw a comic featuring a hipster hamster or something.

But in a deeper sense, after looking at it long enough, I do find the simplicity of it charming. The poster up against the plain walls really pops and makes it look its coming out at you. This is something I’ll probably try again in the future.

This was fairly easy to create. I took two different images of the poster from slightly different angles. Then I loaded them into photoshop. To be more specific, I loaded one images and then went up to file –> place and placed the second image on top of the first. After that I went to window and made sure the timeline was visible.

Then I made the actual gif. Theres a little down arrow on the right side of the timeline box, I clicked that and went down to make frames from layers. This loaded the images into the timeline. Finally, I changed the time to 0.1 frames per sec and set the loop on forever.

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