Mystery Diagnosis

So all this week I’ve been feeling pretty sick and out of it. I can’t figure out what the culprit was for the life of me! In fact, theres multiple suspects in this sickness scandal.
Below, I’ve made a suspect board with a few possible perpetrators.


Let’s discuss them in a little more detail:

First off, we have reeses peanut butter cups. I love these things. I could eat a whole bag and I basically did this week. Which I totally shouldn’t have. I mean besides the fact that no one should eat that much chocolate. You see, I’m allergic to peanut butter. Not like die when I see a peanut allergic, but itchy throat and occasional hives allergic. I know, I’m basically playing russian roulette but I love them so much. They’re my go to comfort food.

Next up there’s flowers/outside in general. I spent a lot of time outside this week. Walking across campus for class and just sitting out in the sun in general. It was so nice this week! I felt like I was getting closer with nature. But again…allergy problem. I have a huge allergy problem with outside. Pollen, etc. Flowers are the worst for me though, like if I’m given flowers I get all watery eyed and snot nosed. Not pretty at all.

Third suspect is Homework. I’m taking two summer courses right now. They are kicking my butt. I have so much homework to do, It’s really pushing me to the extreme to finish things. Which is partially my fault. I’m a huge procrastinator. Regardless, still a lot of work.

Our third suspect, flows into the last. No sleep. Homework basically influenced the whole no sleep thing. I’ve been up into the wee hours of the night working away. And then I have like a couple hours to nap before I have to hurry off to class. It’s kind of crazy.

After looking at all of this, what do you all think is responsible for me feeling so icky? Perhaps it’s a mixture of all of the above.

I should probably learn to take better care of myself.

We were actually required to complete This assignment (3 stars) this week. I was sort of excited about it. I wanted to be a cop for the longest time, before I learned I basically hate physical activity. It was fun to make a suspect board and pretend though. I also felt this was a nice exercise in explaining things through images.

To create my suspect board, I googled cork board templates and came up with this. I loaded it up in good ol’ photoshop and went to work.

I didn’t use the pre-made photo templates. I basically just imported my own images and placed a white stroke around them to give them a photograph sort of look. I kept the notes and pins and used those. After I got everything positioned the way I wanted, I added text and the connection lines.

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