It’s Love.

Mako + Raleigh = Love



I don’t talk about love much. It’s a weird sort of topic for me. You could even say embarrassing.

I’m not really good at expressing emotion so that’s probably the issue (;﹏;)

In fact, it’s kind of weird I actually decided to do this assignment in the first place.

The scene is from Pacific Rim and it’s actually the end of the movie. In this scene the characters are just happy the other one is alive. There was a huge battle and the guy on the right (Raleigh) had basically made sure the girl on the left (Mako) survived by giving her his oxygen. Imma be honest, I cried.

T one clip has always been so powerful to me. It really shows my views on love. Neither of them is saying anything. They’re not kissing or really hugging. They’re forehead’s are touching and they’re holding each other’s hands. It’s a quiet sort of love. I really wish more media would try to show this.

For my gif, I cut out a bit of the scene and then reversed it. I feel like the motion goes along with the waves so it works.
As with all my gifs, I imported the video frames as layers and edited it in photoshop.


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