Hey there!

Long time no see!

Unfortunately, I don’t start off here with good news. I’m sick again. Or maybe I just never fully got over the other illness, regardless I’m a bit of a miserable mess.

It’s terrible because it’s also spring break. I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending mine in bed.

One good thing is it gives me time to work on/finish the project I started in class last week. (Or was it the week before? Sick haze. Forgive me)

It’s an e-textile piece. A brooch based on Sailor Chibi Moon’s Crisis Compact as seen here:

Super cool, right?

Currently my piece looks like this:

Nothing to write home about.

Battery Pic.














Yeah…I’ve a ways too go. But I’ve made progress from where I started.

I should be finished before the week is over. Sewing isn’t the most energy consuming of tasks, it’s something I’ll be able to do while staying in bed and getting over this sick.

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