Grand Finale

The end has come! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ

Now with 90% more glitter!

Yes. I finished the dress.

In my last post  my dress was about 1/3 of the way completed. No lights. No details. Just form.

Like this

Continuing from that point, I first created the skirt section of the dress. Using  this tutorial I created three separate skirts, which I ended up forming two skirts with (Confusing I know but just keep reading). The first skirt is formed using two sheer fabrics. One was a sort of translucent off white and the other was glitter.

I regret the glitter. I thought since it was glitter fabric I’d be fine. But no. I’m going to be covered in glitter for another 3-5 years most likely. No joke.


Back on topic, two sheer fabrics. Using them I formed the top skirt. At first I planned to just use that, however I figured out it was TOO sheer real fast. Hahaha yeah no. Had to change up things. I took some of the fabric I used for the top and made another skirt. This was the result with the skirts layered:


Worked out pretty well if I do say so : D After I got this part down, I returned to the lights.

The lights.
Yes. Those lights

Never Forget

In the end, for time and sanity purposes, I decided to drop the soldering. Maybe one day I’ll return and try again, but for now, nah. The only thing it really takes away from my project is the ability to control the lights with a remote (Which would have been hella cool but sigh) I mean I still managed to get things lighting up without it.


To get to this point, I followed this tutorial and created a tube from faux fur/fabric and placed the light strip in it.




Waaaay more difficult than I thought it would be.

I stabbed myself quite a few times. Eventually I got it. After that part, I sewed the tube to the dress base. ( I created a little pocket of fabric and sewed it to the waistband for the battery pack for the lights, much like the one they made of leather in the tutorial I linked). Following this I had three main pieces. The two skirts and the top/petticoat underpart. (The lights are attached to the petticoat part)

I was going to sew them together after the step, but because I needed access to the light switch I thought it would  be better to keep them separate (So the dress is put on in layers. Extra fancy right? hahaha)

Anyway, once that was all in place all that was left was the details.

After all, my piece was meant to be based on this:

There were still details to be done. Specifically frills and pearls. So I got to work with it.

Frills and pearls!


So many frills

To attach the frills to the dress I used adhesive bias tape. Way sticker than I thought it would be btw. After the fact, I kinda feel like it might have been easier to just sew them on.


But I have to admit it did work well.


After I got all the frills attached, I started on the pearls. In my original proposal I stated I wanted to find/use glow in the dark pearls. That didn’t happen. The ones I did find where either super expensive or would take months to arrive.
So I ended up going with normal ones. I strung them in strands of four pearls and sewed them on the top skirt.

Like so

After the pearls, my dress was done. The final result of everything was this:



I’m really proud of how it came out. I feel like the lights really make it look more Jellyfish-esque fitting right in with the theme of the series I based the dress on: Princess Jellyfish.

Things aren’t completely perfect. I mean, there’s a lot I could fix or could have done differently. Plus the whole thing with the soldering/remote. But all in all I think it’s a good piece. Especially considering it’s the first wearable item I’ve ever sewn. So many lessons/skills learned!

I’m definitely going to continue with sewing in the future (and messing with LEDs too!)


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