Finish that thing yet?

Yes. Yes I did.

But it wasn’t without it’s difficulties….

So on around Monday night of  the week before last I made my first attempt to finish my project. I gathered all my supply and sat down. At least I thought I’d gathered it all.

Turns out I lacked the yellow thread to sew the top part of the brooch. Unfortunately I don’t drive, so I had to wait until Tuesday to get the thread I needed.

Fast-forward to after that. With ALL supplies needed gathered, I sat down and made attempt number two.

I finished sewing all the decorative pieces and got ready to put in the LED.

This is where problem number two occurred.

Before sewing in my LED, I decided to test it. I’d tested it many times before and everything had went peachy. However, this time, it was like “nah not today.”

Plain, Non Light Up, So Sad.

You can probably imagine my frustration. I wanted to get my project finished. I wanted a cool light up brooch.

Before I got too deep into my sorrows a thought occurred to me. Way back in 2013, I purchased an arduino kit for a class (that I ended up dropping but I digress). I knew this kit had LEDs in it.

Hallelujah right? Not yet. I had to figure out where it was first. Unfortunately for me, I moved in summer 2014. Almost two years later, a good amount of my stuff is still in boxes due to space issues. And of course…that kit was in one of those many boxes. I tore apart my closet and most of my room looking for it.

A few hours after the search began, I emerged victorious.



With a new working LED, I was back in business. I successfully sewed up the rest of the project.

It was then time to test the switch and see if it actually worked. I held my breath. I’d been having a bit of bad luck, so to be honest, I was kind of expecting there to be a problem this late in the game.



It worked! Best moment right here. I’d finally completed it and it didn’t turn out half bad.
Lessons learned here are probably work on time management for one thing, have back ups of pieces, and always check your thread amount before sewing.

Now on to the big project~

Which I still need to make a blog explaining/introducing..hahaha

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