Crane Creation

This assignment (4 stars) required me to “explain something” to an audience.

This was actually pretty difficult for me. At least content wise. I’m not extremely sure of myself when it comes to teaching others. It’s just a skill I haven’t had much practice in. Same goes for just doing something in front of someone in general.

For a little while, I just sat around my room thinking about what I was really good at. About fifteen minutes in, I glanced over towards my desk and noticed a single sheet of origami paper. Things clicked right then. I knew what I was going to show you guys.


Paper Cranes.



My knowledge of making paper cranes goes way back to elementary school. There was this book called Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes. It was an incredibly emotional, perhaps too emotional for a small child. Still, I did enjoy it.



Hi! I’m the most depressing book ever!


Without spoiling, it’s basically about this young girl who comes down with Leukemia who begins to make paper cranes. The idea was to make a thousand paper cranes and in exchange be granted a wish. (This is a real thing, to read more on it click here!)

So of course my little elementary school class decided to learn to make cranes too. Of course they were all terrible because we had no patience. But it was a starting ground. And as years went on I got better at it.

Moving on to the video, the filming aspect went really well. Everything was filmed using my cellphone and a tripod. I did it all in one take. For editing I used iMovie on the mac. I imported it in and cut the video into separate clips.

This is where things got a little weird. In my head I knew how I wanted the video to be. However prior to this, I had never done the timelapse thing. So I had to figure out how to do that.

Turns out it was incredibly easy. There’s a button you hit and then just chose the speed you want the clip to be.

4x faster!

4x faster!


Little rabbit tells you the speed is changed

Little rabbit tells you the speed has been changed!

After all that was settled, I added in some music. After a little time on google searching through different Royalty Free Songs I found this one. It’s called Pixel Peeker Polka. It’s really upbeat and happy and I thought it fit well in my video.

Overall, I really like how the video came out. If I can figure out another subject I just might make another one. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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