Cardboard: Updates

Hopping right back on that cardboard train.


Figuratively speaking of course. No train making here. Just cardboard smartphone document scanner stands. 

So far things have been going pretty good. There’s quite a few methods for making this stand floating around on the internet.

Like this, this and this for instance.

I’m relying heavily on this one for direction. Following along with the directions, but some angles and measurements will be a little different.

I swear, it makes sense.

I managed to gather up a good amount of cardboard and on Thursday, work begin. To start, I measured and drew out where I would need to cut for the sides of the stand.

Like this.

After that, I began to cut.



Don’t let these cute little photos fool you. This step was difficult. I ended up using two different exacto blades and a pair scissors to get through this cardboard. It was pretty dense. (this is good though, means it’ll hold together when it’s done!)

After a bit more struggling cutting, I ended up with two side pieces.

Like so

Following this step I decided to sort of try things out.

Looking legit

It’s really coming along nicely! All I need to make is the bottom part, the phone holder and the supports.
I’m thinking about covering the whole thing in duct tape though. For extra support and a little style.

Polka dots!

I’m thinking something cute like this. Maybe add some bows or something for accents. I mean, just because it’s a simple device/project doesn’t mean it has to be boring, right?

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