Cardboard: The Finale.

I survived.

First of all, this post is so late. I’ve been done with this project since last Thursday but I just hadn’t managed to make my blog post.

Im pretty sure people noticed, but all last week I was pretty sick. Friday I finally went to the doctors only to find out I had a double ear infection on top of sinusitis.


Weekend has been full of meds and rest and I’m starting to feel better. 110% more¬†tired, but better.

BUT enough about that. Back to the project.

This is how my piece ended up.

Messy worker

Stands on it’s own. Does what it’s designed to do.

Only real issue was the boringness of it all. But that evening I decided to try and change that.

With this junk.

I tried. I really tried. That tape was so against me though. Refused to stick to anything. It drove me mad.

Final Product looked a little like this:

Look at those loose ends. smh

As you can see, the tape is horrible. And in the end I decided to scrap the gems and stars. I was kind of upset at first about my less than spectacular final design but I had to stop and remember the most important thing:

Do it work?

The answer is yes.

It held my paper and phone still enough for me to use my scanner app. Just what it was suppose to do. May not be the most fab scanner holder ever but it does what it needs to do.

So I think we can call this one a success.
But next time I’m going to read reviews on tape before I buy it.

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