Cardboard: Part II

Second project time in DGST201.
What’s the material of choice???  Cardboard ( ´ ∀ ` ) ahahahaha. Cry.

See cardboard is super familiar to me. Last semester I took sculpture one and strangely enough, my first project also involved cardboard. A lot of cardboard.

So much cardboard

I still have nightmares.

So yeah. Thanks to that, I have a pretty good handle on material. But material is only one part of a project.

What about actual physical project ideas?

WELLLL..It turns out I was pretty familiar with a few of the initial basic suggestions for projects. One being a Cardboard Smart Phone projector and the other a google cardboard viewer.

In regards to the projector…I’ve actually made one before.

It actually works btw

As for the google cardboard viewer, we sort of made one as a class last semester in DGST395. Towards the end of the semester we really got into virtual reality things. It led to us attempting to make a drone. (Which basically turned out to be a gopro tapped to a remote control car) But it was still pretty cool.

Precious baby drone, Derek.


Which we named after the great Derek Zoolander.


Back to my brainstorming. I knew I wanted to do something different this time around. After googling for a bit, I came across this:


It’s a cardboard smartphone document scanner stand. Super Cool right? Kinda? Sorta?

Admittedly it does sound a bit boring in concept. At the end of the day, it’s just a stand for your phone. However, I’m forever scanning things for art projects. My main issue is the fact that I don’t have a personal scanner. If I want to use one at home I have to try the one connected to the printer in our living room. Unfortunately, whether or not it works is always a toss up.

I’ve tried using scanner apps for my phone in the past, and they’ve worked. But my main issue was always getting the paper and camera in the right positions. It’s difficult and pretty time consuming.

So of course, finding this stand was like a godsend. I feel like with this, scanning in things will be much quicker.

I’m really excited about this project probably a bit more than I should be. 
Heres to hoping things go well <333

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  1. Sorry about the deja vu! But I like the idea of the document scanner. That could be a pretty useful device.

    Would you bring your projector to class? I think a couple of people are making these, and it’d be fun to compare.

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