Bang Bang

Created for the Animated Movie Poster Assignment (4 and a half stars) It’s an animated version of the teaser poster for the upcoming James Bond film Spectre


I really love James Bond. Or maybe just Daniel Craig. Probably a mix of both.

This is actually my second James Bond post this week. (If you hadn’t already guessed, the movie from this post was Skyfall)

I feel slightly obsessed.

When I came across this assignment I knew I wanted to do it, especially after the Animated Comic Book Cover I did. However, I didn’t know what movie poster I wanted to use. So I sat and thought about it for a bit.

Then James Bond popped up. I actually knew which poster I was going to do as soon as Bond came to mind. I remember when they released the poster design (late last year or earlier this year) I was so excited. I loved the design. I still do. I’m not all for guns or anything but there’s something about the single bullet hole and the cracking glass that makes me really pumped for the film. It’s so simple yet it has such an impact on me.

Real minimalistic techniques at work here!

Creating this took some planning. I first had to think about what it was that originally drew me to the image. The bullet hole. So I decided to have that slowly fade in. Using photoshop, I duplicated the original image 15+ times and faded the bullet hole a little bit on each one until it was no longer visible. After I was done with that I was pretty happy with my project.

Then I thought about the text. And how cool it would be if I had it fade in too.

So I went back through each layer and took the text off. Then I duplicated the final layer a few times and placed a lower transparency version of the text on each one until it became completely visible.

Everything was animated in PhotoShop as well.

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  1. This is amazing. It looks like something you would see in one of those 5 second previews for a movie. Good Job!

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