Adventures in Sewing Part 2

Actually looking like a dress there  ヽ( ・∀・)ノ

“Hello, I am dress.”

So over the weekend I made some huge progress on the dress.  Actual sewing progress. And things went pretty well. I followed the same process as before. Drew the pattern, cut, pin, and sew.





and more sew..

So yeah, basic bustier top completed. What’s next?

Wellll…this was where things got a little different from my initial dress mock up.

Like, at first, the idea was to make the top, skirt, tutus and combine them. That was some straight up wishful thinking hahaha.

BUT LUCKILY, I had this old petticoat in my closet that I always thought would work well as a dress. And guess what? I was right. It was the perfect shape for what I was going for. All I really needed to do was take it in at the sides to make it more form fitting.

















After altering the fit of the petticoat, I sewed the bustier to the top part of it.


This is where I left off Saturday.  I’ve actually gotten quite a bit done since then, just posting this part for blogging archive purposes. I’m getting totes excited about the whole thing. It’s really starting to look like what I envisioned for my project!

Getting so close to the end (´∇ノ`*)ノ


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