Old Doll New Tricks: Sloth Does Ballet [Behind The Scenes]

I had so much fun with this project! (*‿*✿)

My character Samantha (Sloth) actually comes from a comic idea I’ve had floating around for a bit. A lot of the inspiration for her comes from me. I’m a bit of a sloth myself. So much of a sloth that I haven’t really done anything with the idea, so it was fun to actually get off my butt and do something with her.

Using Ballet in the story was another great part of the project. I took ballet for several years. It’s one of my favorite activities and one that I really miss doing. I enjoyed dressing up in my gear again even if it was just for pictures.

Getting Work Done

Getting Work Done

When I started the project, I was sure of my character and my concept but I wasn’t exactly sure how to set up my story.

How do I tell the story? It was a question that haunted me for a few days.

In the end I decided to mirror what I’ve been doing all semester and blog it out (But as sloth (✿´‿`) ) I think it worked out pretty well.

All together I used seven assignments for a total of 26 Stars.

Digital Diary (5 Stars) (Video Assignment)

I used this assignment for my vlog part of the story. The mystery solved was whether or not ballet could be done by adults. Everything was put together in iMovie.

Music Credits are as follows:
Episode One/Intro for all Videos: “Just Be Friends” – Dixie Flatline
Episode Four: “The Sleeping Beauty” – Tchaikovsky

What’s In Your Bag (3 Stars) (Visual Assignment)

This assignment was used in Day Two to show off the ballet bag and contents. I took the pictures using my camera. I added numbers to the contents using Photoshop.

Cartoon You (3.5 Stars) (Design Assignment)

The sloth cartoon/gif at the end of the Day Four is what I used this assignment for. It’s basically a cartoon version of Sam/Sloth as an actual sloth sitting at her desk. I created it using Manga Studio 5 and drawing tablet. After I finished drawing and coloring I imported it into photoshop and created the gif.

Multiply Yourself (4.5 Stars) (Visual Assignment)

This was used for the picture of office sloth vs ballerina sloth in Day Four. For it, I basically took two pictures of myself in the same spot and put them together in photoshop. This was probably the most difficult assignment for me, the lighting was a bit off so I had to go to do a lot of editing. Most of it was trial and error.

WIRED Feature -What’s Inside You? (3.5 Stars) (Design Assignment)

I used this for a fake article about sloth made by her coworkers for Day One. Everything was put together in photoshop. The sloth picture is from here. The striped background is from here.

Sound Effects Story (3.5 Stars) (Audio Assignment)

The “In The Center” ballet class recording for Day Four was made with this assignment in mind. I created it using Final Cut Pro actually. It’s for video, but it’s also a pretty decent audio editor. The song is “L’éléphant” From the Carnival of Animals. The rest of the sounds came from Freesounds

Solo Clap
3 People Walking On Stage
Normal Soft Breathing
Breathing Mouth
Old Lady Breathing
Cd Tray Opens
Start/Stop Button
Fancy Footwork

We’ve Got You Covered (3 Stars) (Design Assignment)

I actually created this assignment specifically for the story. To create my cover of Galaxy Doll (Shown in Episode one) I first sat and brainstormed for a bit. I wanted it to keep with the galaxy theme with the colors and the bg. The people on the front are my friends. The names of the article creators are friends as well. This was put together in Photoshop.


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