The P-E-R-I-P-H-E-R-A-L

*I don’t think I’ll ever be able to spell that right 

So I’m finally done with this book here (◡‿◡✿)

cool looking cover bro

It was a pretty wild ride. And the ending. Omg.

Anyway, the assignment for this blog entry requested I “ take a few minutes to reflect on what it (The Peripheral) has to say about your work for this semester”.

I’ll get around to that, but first I kind of want to look at some of my thoughts on the book/characters in general.

So let’s start by talking about the two time periods and their respective characters.

TBH, I found myself much more of a fan of the cast from the future than the cast from the past.

I didn’t really connect with them much. I think a lot has to do with their location. The setting for the past was in a small southern sort of area. I’m pretty familiar with the type of place as my mom is from Alabama and I have family down there. But it’s not somewhere I like or can really picture myself living. To be honest, I think a lot of has to do with the whole little town in the south = little town of racist idea that I’ve grown up with.

I know that’s not always the case, but like it’s happened enough to people/family that I’m always careful/slightly uncomfortable whenever I have to go to a place like that.

If I had to pick a not-really-favorite-but-not-really-hated character from the past, it would be Conner. Admittedly I disliked him at first because of the murders, but as I got to know him more I actually found him kind of decent. He’s really not that bad of a guy with all things considered. He basically just cares for his friends.

I feel bad but I wasn’t really big on Flynn. I love the idea of a female protagonist and she was pretty strong willed and such, but there was something about her attitude that didn’t really click with me. Again, like I talked about above, it really might have had to do with the whole setting/location.

random tidbit, I totally pictured Flynn as Haley Williams. Idk

My favorite from the future (and the whole book in general) is probably Lowbeer. Totally didn’t see that coming when her character was first introduced. She has her flaws, and I’m not really sure or not if she’s planning on ruling the world but I love her attitude. She stands up and takes charge of everything, basically leading them all to victory in the end. I’d really love to read a novel just about her. Past and Future.

I know the future was pretty problematic too. I’m not looking at it with rose colored glasses or anything. I mean 80% of everyone is dead. That’s a huge problem right there. But even with that, I still felt much more comfortable with it in comparison to the past. My love of new and innovative technology might be a big factor in that.

This is where I tie in my project with this ramble.

One of the biggest tech things in the book where the peripherals. Those humanoid bodies people could control from far away. I feel the whole virtual reality aspect of them matches up with my project. With my game, I’m working on a story where you’ll be the main character. So it’s kind of like you’ll be using a peripheral, entering a world where you have the freedom to make choices and such. Granted there’ll only be so many choices, but the idea is still there.

Maybe in the future I could port my game to something that allows more of virtual reality/player interactive content. Like the player could actually have to serve tea in the tea shop, have to actually fill out paperwork or virtually paint the shop. There’s so many possibilities.

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