Progress #4

GOOD NEWS: Intro, Chapter one and part of Chapter two are coded. Only the rest of Chapter two and Chapter three left.

*releases balloons, throws confetti, all that jazz*

Here are a few sneak peaks –>

LOOK, a legit start start screen!

Didn’t we all, Gia? Didn’t we all?

Sara Sloth never sleeps. Only works.

NOT SO GOOD NEWS: This is in no way going to be finished by the 12th (Today actually)

Everything has been such a challenge. So many tears have come from this project.

Regarding the last few days, I forgot how specific you have to be with coding. Forgot a comma? WHOOPS THERE GOES YOUR PROGRAM. I’ve had many occurrences of this. Unfortunately.

Then there was my huge issue with writing.

Which is weird. I swear I’ve never had such an issue with researching/writing before. It was like I’d sit down and brain would just be like nope.

And If were going to get super detailed into my problems, another would probably be my desire to do everything in order. I’d get hung up on some detail and not be able to move on till I figured it out, when it probably would have been best to come back to it.

So basically I had to destroy my timeline to  start making real progress. Sometimes things appear perfect and organized in theory but fail when put into action. Like you have to take a different route. Lesson totally learned.
Regardless, the end is near (in a good way) I can now see the finish line.

So expect a beta release next week. (Probably Tuesday or Wednesday)

So close. So close.

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