Progress #1

All in all, I feel I’ve been making steady progress with my project. There has been some new challenges and realizations in the last couple of weeks. But nothing that’s really caused any major problems. Below I discuss a bit about things.

  • The game now has an official title. It will be called “To a Tea”
  • I’ve discovered the best way to do things would be to set the game into levels. One, Two and Three. Each will have one automatic failure. The complete game will have two endings, one great and one good.
  • Location wise, I’ve decided to model a town after Fredericksburg. This has helped tremendously with research. At first I was attempting to find general business procedures, but I quickly found out things are different for every city, state, etc.
  • I’ve also decided for style and aesthetic purposes, “To a Tea” will have a retro/vintage sort of flair. I’ve started a Pinterest for inspiration and references images.

Follow Dominique’s board To a Tea on Pinterest.

  • To a Tea’s Protagonist has been fleshed out as well. She was originally going to be human, but everyone had such an excited reaction to the sloths in my presentation that I decided to just go for it. If you’ve looked through my gallery, you’ve probably seen this character before. I’ve changed her style to match with the game.
Sara Perezoso

Sara Perezoso


My original timeline has taken a turn. I’ve ended up remaining in the planning level longer than I intended.
I have quite a bit of information, but it still needs to be refined. I’ve also discovered fact checking/editing will probably be a project long process.

Level I (Planning)
Tentative date of Completion: October 1st, 2015

  • Brainstorm story ideas. Flesh out character designs. Get some rough designs for the tea store and other important locations in the story.
  • Gather information that about what goes into starting a business.
  • Fact Check my research. I want this as accurate as possible.

Next date of completion is October 12th. Fall break combined with the way I’ve been organizing my research/notes makes me feel pretty hopeful I’ll be able to complete the scripts and routes by or around the intended date.

Level 2 (Outline)
Tentative date of Completion: October 12th, 2015

  • Write out main storyline script.
  • Write out script/options for each each route and corresponding ending
  • Visually map out the different routes using a software called VUE. VUE stands for Visual Understanding Environment. It’ll allow me to create a sort of web.

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