Let us reflect

It’s over.

It’s finally over.

Class wise, DGST395 was probably my favorite this semester. I really enjoyed the laid back, group discussion vibe it gave off. I didn’t speak much but it was fun listening in and picking up info. I have so many bookmarks saved regarding things we spoke about in class and I looked further into.

I feel like they’ll come in handy in the future. You know, like inspiration for other projects?

Ahahahaha, I’m just a digital hoarder. Cry.

I love technology. Like the idea of new and inventive creations. Fuuuuutuuuure. So our convos really kept me interested. I’m like seriously considering saving up for a drone.

For art things not like crime


On to the semester project. My game.

Yes, I managed to make a full visual novel-esque game. But things were way more difficult than I had initially anticipated. Especially writing.

Like I thought I had the writing down packed.

HOWEVER, it turns out writing for a game is different than writing short stories. Or papers. Or anything else I’ve written. Making things flow and what tense to write in and like just overall plot really got to me.

Overall, I think my project was a success against my proposal.

I got everything I wanted to accomplish, done. If I had to grade it, I’d say maybe a B+ / A

I mean it’s not perfect. Like I really wish I could have drawn more scenes and put in my own original music and maybe even gotten voice actors. But there wasn’t time. Mainly because of how hung up I got on the script.

(Another lesson from creating this game, let things go. If something isn’t working move on to something else!)

Maybe one day in the future I’ll come back to it.

ANYWAY..Even though I stressed so much and there were tears, I finished it.

And I’m proud.

(But tired.)

*Accurate depiction of me


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